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Beach Balls

Beach Balls keep the kids happy and busy all day long.
20" Beachball
This is a 20 inch, inflatable beach ball. It comes in a multi colored striped pattern.
Copa Beach
Death Star Light Up Beach Ball

There's no escape from the Galactic Empire with the Star Wars Death Star Light-Up Beach Ball from SwimWays! Our inflatable beach ball looks like the infamous spacecraft from the Star Wars films with impact-activated lights inside for a cool nighttime effect. 

Features include:

Super-bright impact-activated LED lights inside show off the details of the Death Star graphics.

Includes non-replaceable button cell batteries.

A fun Star Wars pool toy for in or out of the pool! Grab a few for your next Star Wars themed party. Also makes a fun and unique gift for the Star Wars collector.

Ages: 3+
24" Beachball
This is a 24 inch, inflatable beach ball. It comes in a multi colored striped pattern.
Copa Beach
42" Inflatable Beachball
This Giant 42 inch Beach Ball come in a multi colored striped pattern.
Copa Beach
American Light-Up Stars 20" Beach Ball

Nighttime comes alive with the SwimWays® Light-Up Beach Ball™!

This is a fun gift item for kids & adults. Great for night time swims and parties. American Flag themed.

  • Impact-activated beach ball
  • Light-up Beach Ball flashes red, blue and green as kids play.
  • Superbright LED lights.
  • Fun backyard game or pool party game.
  • 20 inches

Ages: 3+

Batteries included!
Coop Hydro Rookie Beach Ball - Small Football
Every game becomes child's play with the COOP Rookie Ball. Small in size but with big features, including its Super Grip Technology that allows even the smallest hands to catch and throw it. And don't worry if it's left out in the rain; the covering is waterproof neoprene for long-lasting durability.

6" all-terrain neoprene ball
Soft, lightweight, and durable
Allows kids to catch, throw, and kick easier
Coop Hydro Beach Volleyball

The COOP Hydro Volleyball is an official size volleyball that just happens to be wearing its own wetsuit! This soft covered volleyball makes contact with skin virtually sting-less, while the trend-forward graphics add style to your game. COOP's ultimate recreational volleyball is 100% waterproof for uninterrupted play, with heavy-duty stitching and a long-lasting air retention bladder. Take it to the beach, pool, or backyard for instant fun with friends and family!

  • Official size 100% waterproof volleyball will not absorb water.
  • Trend-forward graphics that fit your style.
  • High tech performance grip with textured surface for added control.
  • Heavy-duty stitching and long-lasting air retention bladder.

Ages: 5+
Beach Bocce Ball Set

This top-quality set is custom designed for maximum fun and durability on beaches and lawns everywhere. Our bright, beach-ball colored balls are made of durable rust-, crack- and shatter-resistant synthetic polymers, injection-molded for a lifetime of family fun. They deliver the best of Bocce in the smaller Petanque size (the French version of Bocce) – 74 mm, or 3 inches, in diameter – so both kids and adults can play easily.

No vacation or beach lifestyle should be without Beach Bocce Ball. Buy your set today, and look for Beach Bocce Ball next time you visit a beach house, condo, hotel or resort.

What’s included:
8 Balls in bright beach-ball colors, made of tough synthetic polymers and injection-molded. Durable and shock resistant – won’t crack, chip or rust. Balls are Petanque size (the French version of Bocce) – which is 74 mm or 3 in. in diameter.

1 Jack (target ball) made from the same impact-resistant material.

1 String for measuring those ball placements too close to measure with the naked eye.

1 Carrying Case of durable canvas, designed with the great outdoors in mind. (We want your Beach Bocce set to last a lifetime.)

How to Play Beach Bocce

Beach Bocce is extremely simple. As with horseshoes, there’s a target, and you have to get as close to it as possible. What makes it so unpredictable and entertaining is that you can be winning for most of the game, and still lose suddenly at the end, or vice versa. Nothing is decided until the last player plays the very last ball. If he or she moves the aim ball or kicks an opponent ball out of the way, the layout of the balls (and your score) will change dramatically.
You should read about The Rules, but they’re really not required to have fun.
Individual: 2-4 Players
Doubles: 4 Players (2 per team)

Ball Distribution
2 Players: 2 pair of color-matched balls per player
3-4 Players: 1 pair of color-matched balls per player
Doubles: 1 pair of color-matched balls per player
Player or team to get their ball closest to the jack (small ball) wins the round and scores a point for each ball closer than the nearest ball of their opponent. Player or team to reach 13 points first wins the game.
To Play
Draw a shooting circle in the sand approximately 5 to 8 feet wide. If you are not in the sand you can use markers such as a rock or stick to mark the shooting circle.
To Decide Who Throws First
Any player stands inside and tosses the jack away from the shooting circle. Each player tosses one of their balls at the jack. The player with the ball closet to the jack throws first to begin a round.
Once a round begins, the player or team trailing tosses balls until landing one closer to the jack than the nearest ball of their opponent. The round ends when all balls have been thrown.
Winner throws to begin a new round either from the original circle or by drawing a new circle at the jack’s location at end of the previous round.
Game ends when player or team reaches 13 points, though any pre-determined total is acceptable.
Measuring string is provided for use on close calls.
Water’s Edge
The challenge is not to overthrow and end up rolling your balls into the surf, out of play. A lob with some back spin, or a roll-to-target approach might be best in this situation.

Watch that seaweed. It can be spongy and literally bounce your balls away from the jack. If you master this, you can give your opponents fits.

Soft Sand
Soft sand poses two challenges: one, the ball can end up partially buried and difficult to see. (If completely buried, the rules permit raising it to the surface to make it visible.) And, the soft sand doesn’t provide much roll or bounce. You pretty much have to lob it right on target.
Beach Bocce
Sea Turtle Sports
Beach Bocce Ball Mini Set
Sometimes four players can be a crowd. And two players can be
perfect. Especially if the two of you have an outstanding beef that
can only be settled by a game of bocce. That’s why Beach Bocce Ball Mini was created.
Half the players, half the weight, same high-quality Beach Bocce
balls when you want a lighter load on the go. The easy-to-carry bag
has everything our full-size game does, with four balls
instead of eight.
  • Four (4) balls in bright beach colors, made of tough synthetic polymers and injection-molded. Durable and shock resistant – won’t crack, chip or rust. Balls are petanque size (the French version of bocce) – which is 74 mm or 3 in. diameter.
  • One (1) Jack (target ball) made from the same impact-resistant material.
  • One (1) string for measuring those ball placements too close to call with the naked eye.
  • Laminated weatherproof rules.
  • One (1) durable carrying bag designed for easy portability


·Ball Diameter: 3 Inches

Full Set & Bag Dimensions:

·  Overall Length - 7 Inches

·  Overall Width - 7 Inches

·  Overall Height - 8 Inches

·  Overall Product Weight: 6 Pounds
Beach Bocce
Sea Turtle Sports
Yazoo Frisbee Beach Game

Yazoo is an outdoor game for 2 or more players (up to 6) where a disc is thrown back and forth between two poles with empty cans set on top.  One team plays defense from behind their pole trying to catch the disc and the can before they hit the ground, with each player allowed to use only one hand. If either touch the ground, points are awarded to the throwing team.  When tailgating, in addition to points , it is customary for the defending team to take a "sip" of  a beverage for each point awarded.


Yazoo raises the bar for this popular game, also known as "Beersbee," with premium packaging and components including telescoping poles for portability and adjustable playing height, custom designed pole tops and rubber boots to protect pole tips, all in a beautifully-crafted carry bag. When not in play, our target cans even double as insulated drink coolers!

• Two (2) telescoping aluminum poles for use on sand or grass.

• Quick-twist locking mechanism.

• 175 gram competition quality disc.

• Two (2) non-breakable, soft, polyurethane  can-shaped targets

that double as drink coolers.

• Laminated weatherproof rules.

• Rubber boot s to protect pole tips.

• Custom carry bag with adjustable strap.

Full Set & Bag Dimensions:

·  Overall Length - Top to Bottom: 30 Inches (6 inches of soft top with draw string)

·  Overall Width - Side to Side: 14 Inches

·  Overall Height - Front to Back: 4 Inches

·  Overall Product Weight: 3 Pounds
Beach Bocce
Sea Turtle Sports
OgoSport Volo Dart HAVIK

Adjustable wing system give players control of the speed and reach of each VOLO. Control the “coptering” effect by shifting the power ring along the wing-shaft. Made from lightweight and durable foam, Volo parts are interchangeable with all VOLO products – mix and match the fun today! Each set includes one HAVIK, complete with (1) power ring and (3) wings assembled.
  • Fastest traveler of the VOLO line, the pointed base cuts air for extra added speed
  • Hand grips for easy grabbing/holding/launching
  • Adjustable power ring

Product rated for age 6+.
OgoSport Sports 20" Single Disk Pack with Pump
An inflatable 20 inch diameter ring with a high-strength elastic membrane with ball. A safe high-quality beach sport activity device for ages 4 and up. Portable allowing you to take with you anywhere.
  • A blast at the beach or pool, and it won’t sink
  • Acts as a throwing disk by itself
  • Adapts to many sports activities such as volleyball, baseball, and tennis and awesome with water balloons
  • Catch and throw balls up to 150' 
  • Can be played by one, two or more people 
  • Provides unlimited possibilities for inventive play
  • Age 4 and up
  • Includes: one disk, one pump, one ball, and one mesh bag.
Pro Kadima Replacement Balls
Replacement balls for Pro Kadima; the original beach paddle game. Net pack of 3 balls.