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Beach Wagons

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Beach Mule - SurfBoard Cart
The Beach Mule is a surfer's dream. The Beach Mule is designed to transport any size board, by attaching wheels to the board. The Mule is made of two piece durable, cordura fabric. The universal tail piece is designed to fit any board, and the nose piece has a handle, strap, and pocket for personal belongings. It packs into a 12" by 24" by 3" bag. The Beach Mule also attaches to your bicycle and is the ultimate surfboard trailer!
Radio Flyer #32 ATW Steel & Wood Wagon
A full-size steel red wagon with natural-finished select wood sides and inflatable tires for smooth travel over rugged terrain. The model #32 red wagon features high wooden sides, an extra long handle, with pneumatic inflatable tires, and a weight capacity of 250lbs! Feautres and Benefits: The Original Little Red Wagon with high wooden stake sides and big, brawny air tires that can handle any terrain. Air tires provide a super soft, super quiet ride. Full size, all-steel seamless wagon body with no scratch edges. Extra-long handle for easy pulling. No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe. Controlled turning radius prevents wagon from tipping. 

      Product Details:
  •  Handles folds under wagon.
  • For ages over 1 1/2.
  •  Early Childhood News Director's Choice Aware, National Parenting Publications Award
  • Wagon Body (Outside Dimensions): 37 1/4" x 18 1/2" x 9 1/2" 
  • Wagon body (Inside Dimension): 33 1/2" x 14 1/2" x 4 
  • Wheels: 10" x 4" 
  • Carton: 38 1/2" x 17 3/4" x 10 3/4" 
  • Weight: 41 lbs. 
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Color: Radio Flyer Red 
  • Assembly Required 
  • The wood sides are bolted on, but may be removed with a screwdriver and a wrench.
Radio Flyer #1800 Big Red Classic ATW
Radio Flyer's classic red wagon just got 50% deeper! The Model #1800 has high sides for extra capacity, as well real air tires for a super soft, super quiet ride. Features and Benefits: High sides for extra capacity. Real air tires for a soft and quiet ride, made of sturdy steel construction with an extra-long handle for easy pulling. Handle folds under for easy storage. No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe and controlled turning radius prevents tipping. Additional Information Ages: For ages over 1 1/2 Body: 36" x 17 1/2" x 6" Wheels: 10" x 4" Weight: 37.83 lbs.
Radio Flyer #29 All-Terrain Cargo Wagon
This Radio Flyer All-Terrain Wagon is big on fun, with extra capacity for cargo or kids. Smooth-rolling, inflatable pneumatic tires take on almost any terrain. The Radio Flyer Model #29 All-Terrain Cargo Wagon features an extra large wagon body, smooth-finished wood, removable stake sides, and a weight capacity of 250 lbs!

       Product Details:
  • Extra large wagon body and sides of select, smooth-finished wood.
  • Bright red removable sides of select wood.
  • Real air tires can handle any terrain, and provide a super soft, super quiet ride.
  • Extra-long handle for easy pulling.
  • No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe.
  • Controlled turning radius prevents wagon from tipping.
  • Handle folds under wagon.
  • For ages over 1 1/2.
  • Wagon Body (Outside Dimension): 40" x 18 1/2" x 10 1/2"
  • Wagon Body (Inside Dimension): 37" x 15" x 8 1/4"
  • Wheels: 10" x 4"
  • Carton: 41 1/4" x 17" x 7 7/8"
  • Weight: 36 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Assembly Required