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Umbrella Anchors

These beach umbrella anchors help secure your beach umbrella in windy conditions. We offer the best selling, Sand Grabber, and several other innovative products to secure your beach umbrella.

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The Sand Grabber Beach Umbrella Holder

Several factors can detract from a relaxing day at the beach – sunburn, bugs, and sudden gusts of wind taking your umbrella away. A solution to this problem is offered by the original Sandgrabber, a device designed to secure beach umbrellas very firmly to the ground, making beach holidays safer and eliminating the hassle of "playing umbrella chase".

        Product Details:

  • The Sandgrabber beach umbrella holder is lightweight 
  • installs in seconds.
  • Holds beach umbrella poles up to 1 3/8" diameter great in any sandy soil. 
  • Made of light weight steel finished with a durable white powder coat. 
  • 14" long and weighs only 1 1/2 lbs.
Anchor Away Beach Umbrella Mount-Stand-Holder

Several factors can detract from a relaxing day at the beach – sunburn, bugs, and sudden gusts of wind taking your umbrella away. A solution to this problem is offered by the original Anchor Away Umbrella Mount, penetrates deep into the sand to keep your beach umbrella stable, making days at the beach safer and eliminating the hassle of"the umbrella chase game".

     Product Details:

  • The Anchor Away Umbrella Mount is lightweight 
  • installs in seconds
  • holds any beach umbrella with a pole as large as 1 3/8" diameter 
  • made of durable plastic . 
  • 14" long and weighs less than a pound.
Anchor Away
Copa Beach
BeachBUB Ultra Beach Umbrella Base - Yellow
The beachBUB® (Beach Umbrella Base) Ultra is designed to hold up to the daily use from resorts and beach umbrella rental vendors. It holds 120 lbs. of sand, only takes minutes to set up and has been wind tested to 42 MPH. Fits standard umbrella poles up to 1 1/2" in diameter. Collar, hookbolts, and one-time dual-sided tool included. 

The beachBUB® ULTRA is recommended for holding umbrellas with canopies up to 8 feet in diameter.
The Shade Anchor Beach Bag
One of the most secure umbrella anchors on the market with the Ballast that keeps umbrella stable from the top - no chance of wiggling out.Effective up to 30MPH+ winds. Holds up to 50 pounds of sand. Even if umbrella tips in very high winds, the Shade Anchor weighs it down to prevent blowing across the beach. Doubles as a beach bag - transport your towel, water bottle, lotion, book, magazine, snacks and other beach gear.Convenient straps for carrying your Bag over your shoulder. Tough 600D military grade material for long lasting durability.

    Product Details:
  • Universal - works with any standard umbrella
  • Light weight and collapsible for easy storage and transport
  • Secure zippered pocket to store phone, wallet, keys, change and other items you want to keep off of the sand
  • Comes with outside mesh pockets for sun screen, water bottle and other supplies
  • Convenient mesh holders to store straps when not in use
Shade Anchor
dig-git Beach Umbrella Shovel Anchor
This beach umbrella anchor is used as a shovel to dig the hole and then is used an an auger to secure the beach umbrella to the ground.  The item is easy to set up and undo. 

With patented technology, the dig-git® anchor can withstand the strongest of winds while keeping your umbrella where it the sand. So start enjoying that sun.

  • Will fit a standard beach umbrella pole up to 1 5/8 " in diameter. 
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum pole with stainless steel hardware