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90102 - Crochet pour parapluie en plastique - Jaune

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Upgrade your beach day convenience with the Strand Plastic Umbrella Hook Hanger in a vibrant Yellow hue. This handy accessory is a game-changer for your beach setup, allowing you to keep your belongings within easy reach. Here's why this umbrella hook hanger is a must-have for your beach adventures:

Ultimate Convenience: Say goodbye to sandy and cluttered beach towels and bags. Our Umbrella Hook Hanger provides a convenient spot to hang your essentials, keeping them off the ground and easily accessible.

Sturdy and Durable: Crafted from high-quality plastic, this hook hanger is built to withstand the rigors of beach life. It's designed to hold your beach bag, hats, sunglasses, and more securely, so you can relax without worrying about your belongings.

Easy Installation: Setting up this hook hanger is a breeze. Simply attach it to your beach umbrella pole, and it's ready to use. No need for complicated tools or hardware.

Bright Yellow Design: The eye-catching Yellow color adds a pop of vibrancy to your beach umbrella while making it easy to spot from a distance. It's both functional and stylish.

Versatile Use: Beyond the beach, this hook hanger can be used for picnics, camping trips, or outdoor events. It's a versatile accessory that enhances your outdoor experiences.

Brand You Can Trust: The Strand brand is synonymous with quality and innovation. You can rely on the durability and functionality of this umbrella hook hanger.

Streamline your beach setup and keep your beach day essentials organized and accessible with the Strand Plastic Umbrella Hook Hanger in Yellow. Enjoy a hassle-free day at the beach while adding a touch of style to your sunshade.

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